• Anaya: Goddess of the sky, mistress of the sun and weather. Lover of Thanatel.
    Domains: Air, Animal, Sun, Weather, Water, Chaos
  • Thanatel: The Tree-God of Purgatory, judge of souls, lover of Anaya, and father to all Thanatelian Elves.
    Domains: Animal, Law, Earth, Repose, Water, Plant


  • (The) Mist : God of magic, chaos, and madness.
    Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Magic, Trickery
  • Palis : Goddess of order, rulership, and contracts.
    Domains: Law, Nobility, Strength, Community, Protection, Destruction
  • Conchûr : God/dess of the Dwarves, stone. Also known as the Mountain Mother, or the Forge Father. Has no alignment. Ask me for details.
    Domains: Strength, (Alignment), Earth, Community, Artifice, War


  • Herodion : God of justice, community, protection.
    Domains: Law, Good, Protection, Community, Nobility, Glory
  • Edana : Goddess of freedom, and the traveling healer.
    Domains: Chaos, Good, Healing, Travel, Liberation, Charm


  • Asenath : Goddess of domination, and contracts.
    Domains: Law, Evil, Rune, Knowledge, Nobility, Darkness
  • Drusus : God of betrayal, lies, and violence.
    Domains: Chaos, Evil, Destruction, War, Trickery, Fire


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